"Go Europe!" - A one-year Lithuanian-German cultural immersion program

The Lithuanian High School offers a one-year Lithuanian-German cultural immersion program called Go Europe! for students from overseas. The program provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of and appreciation for both Lithuanian and German language and culture. Students live and learn in an inter-cultural environment while participating in both classes and school-based programs and projects. Students of Lithuanian descent can discover the language and culture of their ancestors while experiencing life in the heart of Western Europe. Go Europe! students are enrolled in a part-time academic program and live in the school’s dormitories. Life in the dormitories offers ample opportunities to broaden their horizons by experiencing both German and Lithuanian culture in a unique environment. The program will only be offered if at least five students participate.

Academic program:

  • Intensive Lithuanian language course taught by a Lithuanian native speaker (12 lessons per week),
  • German language course taught by a German native speaker (2 lessons per week),
  • Lithuanian history and Catholic religion courses taught by a Lithuanian native speaker (4 lessons per week),
  • Extracurricular Lithuanian activities including Lithuanian folk dance, choir, and orchestra.

Classes at the Lithuanian High School usually begin in September and end in June.

Cultural immersion program

  • Extracurricular activities: all courses, clubs and school activities offered during the current academic year,
  • Opportunities to participate in numerous cultural and social events and projects carried out by the school or other Lithuanian organizations, such as Lithuanian Community in Germany, European Lithuanian Cultural centre, Lithuanian Youth Organization and others,
  • Excursions and multi-day field trips in Germany and abroad (at each students’ own expense),
  • Assistance in finding accommodation and language study programs for overseas students in Lithuania during the summer holidays.

Room and board:

Accommodation in a double room in the school dormitory; four meals per day, seven days a week.

Price includes:

- Transfer from/to the airport (Frankfurt/Main International Airport)
- Accommodation and meals
- School tuition

Requirements for Applicants:

- Must be ages 16 to 21 years
- Must have an interest in Lithuanian and German language and culture
- Must have the ability to adapt to new environments
- Must demonstrate a high level of personal and social maturity

Formal requirements:

- health insurance (alternatively, we can offer a German health insurance policy for 40€/month)
- sufficient funds to cover all fees and personal expenses
- a valid visa (we will assist if required)

If you would like to apply for Go Europe!, please submit a completed application form, your CV, a copy of your passport photo page, and an application letter (explaining why you wish to participate in this program) by email to info@litauischesgymnasium.de

Admission is based on an assessment of an applicants’ academic and leadership potential. The Lithuanian High School reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant. Upon receiving your complete application, we will promptly inform you concerning your admission and any further steps to be taken.


Tuition  & boarding fee, incl. 4 meals a day = € 830 (10 months = € 8300)

A refundable deposit (€ 50 text books + € 50 room deposit) = 100 €
Full program fee: € 8300 (plus € 100 deposit)


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